We Have Been Working With Clients And Suppliers To Put In Place A Range Of Strategies To Help Protect Our Staff, Our Clients And The Community From The Spread Of Covid-19.

There Are A Number Of Things That Smart Touch Group Can Do To Help

Deep Clean

Targeted Clean And Sanitization Of All Hard And Frequently Touched Surfaces
When To Use
If You Want To Have A Professional Hygiene Clean As An Additional Precaution.

What Is Involved
Deep Cleaning And Sanitization Of All Hard And Frequently Touched Surfaces Such As Counters, Doorknobs, Handrails, Tables, Chairs, Desks Using Millennium’s Smart Cleaning System Designed To Remove Contaminants Whilst Avoiding Cross Contamination.

Sanitization Clean

Secondary Sanitization Clean Of Frequently Touched Surfaces
When To Use
If You Suspect A Customer, Visitor Or Worker Has Flu-like Symptoms But There Has Been No Covid-19 Confirmation/notification.

What Is Involved
Deep Cleaning And Sanitisation Of All Hard And Frequently Touched Surfaces At The Deep Clean Level Plus A Secondary Sanitisation Process Across All Frequently Touched Surfaces.

Social Distancing

Smart Touch Group Social Distancing Ambassadors
Maintaining Social Distancing Is Going To Be With Us For Some Time.

Smart Touch Group ’s Security Team Are Highly Trained In Crowd Control And Customer Service. They Have The Professional Skills To Ensure That Social Distancing Regulations Are Being Adhered To.

Their Visible Presence Provides Peace Of Mind And Strengthens The Trust Customers/visitors Place In Your Company’s Focus On Protecting The Community’s Health And Wellbeing.

Full Sanitization Clean

When To Use
If You Have Been Notified That A Customer/visitor Or Worker Has A Confirmed Case Of Covid-19.

What Is Involved
Dispersing A Sanitising Mist (Fogging) Reduces The Number Of Airborne Micro-organisms And Applies Disinfectant To Surfaces That May Be Difficult To Reach. This Helps To Sanitise All Exposed Surfaces With Products That Act As A Protective Barrier.

Fogging Is In Addition To Deep Clean And Sanitization Clean Levels For Maximum Effectivenes

Supporting Our Clients And The Community

Our team are on the frontline providing essential cleaning and security services on behalf of our clients, helping to stop the spread of COVID-19 and protecting the community.

•  Sanitization and deep cleaning services
•  Regular cleaning services
•  Social distancing enforcement
•  Crowd Control
•  Customer service
•  Enhanced security monitoring and patrol services

We offer bespoke solutions, tailored to the needs of each client. Our experienced team is ready to talk to you about how we can help you provide your workers and customers with the peace of mind that you are doing all you can to help keep them safe and healthy.